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Partnering with some of the best factories.

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Account Management

At Rio Jordan, we have a dedicated team that works to provide a peer to peer service. Our team is dedicated to provide administrative and logistical service for each and every order and make sure to escort the client from beginning to end.


We have very strong relationships with different forwarders, which enable us to provide competitive rates for various shipments ranging from Single mixed pallets to full frozen or dry container loads.

Currently we have long term contracts with APL, CMA, Evergreen and Orient. We can ensure best rates at all times with excellent lead times from various destinations.

Private Labels

We are delighted to inform you that we can assist you in starting your own private label. We cater for the whole business process of building a private label including the

      - Branding
      - Pricing
      - Category Coverage
      - Quality
      - Product development
      - Packing
      - Shelf Placement
      - Advertising & Promotion


We have a substantial experience in the standard documentation required for different markets. We endeavor to constantly provide accurate documentation to ensure a trouble-free clearing process. In case you have a special request for documents, please provide this information when placing your order.


All our products are delivered with specific labels that are localized to match local standards of each country. We can print in different languages and ensure high conformity with rules and regulations.


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