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Partnering with some of the best factories.

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Frozen Vegetables

From China

no. Items
1  White Asparagus 
 2  Green Asparagus 
 3  White Asparagus tips and cuts 
 4  Green Asparagus tips and cuts 
 5  Green Bean 
 6  Pea Pod 
 7  Sweet Peas 
 8  Cauliflower 
 9  Broccoli 
 10  Dice Carrot 
 11  Shiitake Mushroom 
 12  Mixed Vegetable 

From Thailand

no. Items
 1  Green peas
 2  Mixed vegetables
 3  Sweet corn
 4  Spinach leaves
 5  IQF Garlic
 6  Green beans
 7  Onion dice
 8  Potato dice
 9  Potato chips

from Belgium

no. Items
 1  Diced Carrots
 2  Sliced Carrots
 3  Sweet corn
4  Cauliflower florets
 5  Leaf Spinach - Portions
6  Broccoli Florets
7  Cut Green Beans
8  Whole Green Beans
9  Garden Peas



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