13 years of excellence.

Innovative approach to every client.

We are a family owned business.

Service Comes First!

Partnering with some of the best factories.

Wide variety of food and services.

Exceeding our clients' expectations!

A broad range of products.

Trouble-free business transaction.

We believe in prompt and efficient service.

Partnering with some of the best factories.

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About Us

Rio Jordan is a growing international exporter of Italian, Spanish, Thai, Chinese & Vietnamese food, groceries and specialty products. Our company is a regional office and partner with some of the best factories, which deliver from one mixed product pallet to full containers of various products. We currently export our products to retailers, distributors, foodservice operators and importers worldwide, covering:

      - Middle East & Gulf
      - Africa
      - Europe

We are a Family Owned Business

Rio Jordan is a family-owned business found in 1999; with food service experience that roots back to 1970. Following the first years of establishment, our business has grown significantly and we now offer a cosmic and tremendous range of products to satisfy and cater for the increasing demand of various markets.

We have a broad range of products in segments as widely varied as bulk, catering and retail. As a consequence of this, we can cater to the individual needs of big, medium and small food importers.

Service Comes First!

Apart from our attempt to bring high quality food to our clients, we also believe in prompt and efficient service as a paradigm for success. Our peer to peer service ensures to have a trouble-free business transaction. We honor vigorous communication and consider it as the spine of today's business arena.

Our service scheme offers a comprehensive range of operations that add value to customers and ensure a worthwhile experience.

      - We offer customized product ingredient labels (localized for each market)
      - Personal account management
      - Documentation and administrative support
      - Logistics & Forwarding services

Our Item's Portfolio

Our line of products includes the following range:

    - Canned Food
        1. Canned Fruits
        2. Canned Vegetables
        3. Canned Tomato products
        4. Canned Seafood & Tuna

    - Dehydrated Food

    - Juices & Concentrates

    - Dry Products

       1. Rice, Noodles, Flour, Thai seasoning, Spices & Herbs)

    - Sauces & Pastes
        1. Thai Sauces & Pastes
        2. Italian Sauces & Paste Specialties

    - Grocery Brands

    - Seasonal Products (Christmas Cake)

    - Frozen Food
        1. Frozen Vegetables
        2. Frozen French Fries
        3. Frozen Seafood
        4. Frozen Added Value Seafood


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